Just a little ringtone that I made for myself a few years ago (around 2004 or 2005). I certainly wouldn’t call it a song, because it was the result of a drunken experiment using a slide on a guitar run through a Digitech ‘Whammy’ and a Dunlop ‘Crybaby From Hell’, as well as a little pitch/time experiment on the drums and guitar, the other stuff was written around that. I more or less like to call it a “somewhat organized noise”, which is why it served as my ringtone. There is a second part to the song, but it got lost when my external HD crashed. It was a game show-esque, repetitive jam (essentially, the complete opposite).


Note: This was mixed to be played through cellphone speakers (which was an A/B nightmare), so the bass will be slightly heavier when played on other mediums.

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