The Great Equalizer

I often find that those who wish to impose restrictions upon firearms also happen to be those who believe in egalitarianism. Isn’t this a contradiction?

In essence, what the egalitarian ‘gun-grabber’ is actually saying is that they wish to have a certain class of people able to defend themselves (those of the bureaucracy), while another class (the rest of us) is to be dependent upon the former for defense. What sort of ‘equality’ is this? I say none.

If an egalitarian wishes to be consistent, then he should be pushing for full gun-ownership, for that is the only way to true equality in the egalitarian sense.

Note: I realize that the counter to that would be to have nobody have firearms, but that is an fantastical position, because of the fact that guns do exist and have existed, then there is no possible way to stop somebody from manufacturing one in secret. Also, how would that be enforced without the item under discussion: firearms?

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