Too Crunk 2 Funk

This is a song that I wrote while I was a member of the ‘Murderous Disco Fiends’ back in 2005.  I wrote it in response to the drummer’s self-described “pokey” style, that is why the bass line is so, well, pokey.  It was recorded live in a garage using 4 SM57s run through a PA mixer and then routed to a digital recorder.  There was no way to monitor each channel, nor could you tweak each track afterward (it was recorded as a two-channel stereo file), so it is kind of a crappy recording.  However, considering the circumstances, the recording turned out way better than I would have expected.  Still crappy, but at least you can almost hear everything.  I was the guitarist while in this band, but on this song I am playing bass, my friend Scott ‘Bootman’ Gregg (who is a bass extraordinaire and ninja-master on the wah) is on guitar, and Dustin (can’t remember his weird last name) is on drums.  We had only been playing together for about 2 weeks and the drummer had only been playing for about a year or two (he’s a fast learner).  Eventually, I will rerecord it properly.

Too Crunk 2 Funk 1

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One Comment on “Too Crunk 2 Funk”

  1. sharon Says:

    cool tune

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