Democracy is a Sham!

I’m a little late in posting this, but this is a video from the GOP convention showing a close view of the teleprompter messages being relayed to the speakers. At this particular moment they are discussing a change in the rules that would ultimately disenfranchise Ron Paul delegates. What happens is that John Boehner puts it up to an “aye/Nay” vote. Other than the voice that is really close the the recording device, it appeared to me as if the “aye” votes were pretty even with the “nay” votes, but Boehner still gave it to the ‘ayes’. What is even more shocking is that this result was already typed into the teleprompter, which means that the result was already decided before the vote, and the vote was pointless.

Here’s the video. The point of interest begins at 1:48.

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One Comment on “Democracy is a Sham!”

  1. sharon Says:

    that is bs

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