Music Monday: Barry goes to the Beach with Bubblegum Pop and Soft Acid Rock

I am not a fan of any of this music, but as a musician I can appreciate it. You see, I don’t listen to music in the same way as most, I listen to distinct parts, pieces, instruments, and tones. So, I often pick out certain elements of songs that I really dig, even if the general song does nothing for me. The following songs are good examples of what I am talking about.

Each of these tunes has an awesome rhythm section. Nothing but old school funkiness and groove. If you listen to the drums and bass, you realize just how the foundation of a good tune is laid down. It all starts and ends with the rhythm section, without that the whole thing crumbles. Each of these song’s success, I believe, is predicated upon the fact that they have a solid rhythm section, nothing else. Percussive 8th notes, triplets, quick double-ups on the beat (stutter steps), a little falling behind the beat (syncopation), tasty niblets of cymbal splashes, high-hat clasps, sparingly smart accents; all of these things I do enjoy.

Each of these tunes kinda sucks, in my opinion. However, if you listen to them within the scope of what I describe above, all of the sudden they rock. It’s all in perspective, and perspective is a wonderful thing.

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