John Williams Speaks About Hyperinflation, QE, Jobs, $5 Trillion Deficits, and Much More

John Williams is an economist and founder of, which reports government statistics using improved accounting and reporting methodologies over that of what the government performs. Most people look to ShadowStats as an indicator of what the numbers really look like, rather than the adjusted and tweaked (read: massaged) data provided by government agencies. I highly recommend that anybody interested in economic data to head on over to, it is an invaluable resource.

Below is an interview that Mr. Williams did with I am not overly familiar with USAWatchdog, but from what I have seen they seem like a straight-shooting organization. What caught my attention in this interview is that Mr. Williams is saying that hyperinflation will be a reality no later than 2014. As somebody who invests a lot of his time studying economics, primarily the Austrian School of economics, I am always hesitant to make such predictions, and I am also quite weary of those who do make such predictions. However, with the dramatic increases in base money over the past few years, and seeing no end to money printing in sight, I do take his prediction seriously. However, I must say that while I do see such a thing being possible (hyperinflation), I don’t subscribe to the belief that it is an inevitability. I do absolutely believe that relatively high inflation is pretty much a certainty in the coming months and years, history and theory dictate as much.

With that said, here’s the interview:

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