Where’s the love?

I might be opening myself up far more than I should, but I need to write more, so here goes.

I was pondering a question earlier today regarding love. I asked myself whether or not I have experienced love and whether I have ever truly loved somebody. Mind you, I am not limiting my question to merely the love found in romantic relationships, I am speaking about love in general. Love for family, love for friends, a pet, etc. Any kind of love.

The conclusion that I came to is that I have never in my life experienced love. Maybe I did as a child, but I certainly don’t remember it. Sure, I’ve said “I love you” in the past, but it seems that that was merely a lie, or just going with the flow. I cannot, for the life of me, identify a single person in my life that I have actually loved.

While this may offend certain people in my life, especially a certain family-member that reads this blog, it is the absolute truth. Strangely, I am entirely content with that. It certainly makes it far easier to deal with the inevitable.

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