Hurricane Sandy: Cleveland Edition

That may sound strange, but indeed, we here in Cleveland got quite a storm the other day. Trees, power lines, light poles, street signs, and many other things were taken out by this storm, and many things were blowing up and down the streets. A coworker and I took a trip to Edgewater Park on the lake to see 15-20 foot waves crashing over the breakwaters and splashing onto the windshield. It was pretty cool.

Unfortunately, the aftermath has left me with little power. I checked my outlets with a multimeter and I am getting a range of 7-15 volts (it’s supposed to read 115-120 volts). Luckily, my internet router works, but there isn’t enough power to charge my laptop, use my desktop, use my recording gear, use my stove, use my microwave, etc. Pretty much anything that requires more than about 10 volts isn’t working.

So, I probably won’t be blogging much until this problem gets fixed.

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