What is the Purpose of this Clunky Tool?

Yes folks, I’m talking about the ‘ol noggin. This thing sitting inside my head and spitting thoughts at you left and right. Often times I am so certain that I am right that I can almost taste it, but maybe that sip of scotch or the cigarette smoke wafting through the air is what I’m tasting. Am I certain of that? Not really.

The whole of human thought has been a tale not unlike this wafting of smoke through the air, at certain times truth is tasted by many and at others, by only a few. So what exactly is this truth, and does this clunky tool really have anything to do with it? Further, are we certain that it is truth that we’re tasting, or is it just some nasty smoke. And who is the decider of this?

Perception is such a crazy thing and I don’t know that any of us could truly describe it if we were to be completely honest. Sure, we have this dominant logic that we all rely on, it being part of our common humanity, but is that any more a truer reflection of the world than that of, say, one dog to another? Are humans somehow the only entities in the universe that are able to grasp the truth?

I think that this is probably unlikely, but then, I cannot help but to live inside the world that this clunky tool has wrought me.

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2 Comments on “What is the Purpose of this Clunky Tool?”

  1. sharon Says:

    you are always right!!

  2. Bharat Says:

    I’ve been thinking similarly for a while, Joe. I’ll admit, I haven’t read much when it comes to philosophy, but it seems intuitive to me that, much like the dog in your example cannot comprehend human reason, it’s quite possible there is a multitude of ‘occurrences’ (whatever you want to call these) that human beings will never be able to comprehend.

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