Miscellaneous Debris

  • Economist Robert Murphy takes the econ blogosphere to task for their double-standards and illogic.  I have to say that I completely agree with Bob here, there simply is no excuse to decry a case simply because you don’t agree with the subject matter (especially when equivalent cases can be shown to be clearly agreeable).  Also, Bob’s campaign to debate Krugman is finally getting some traction, the tally of donations has reached over $100,000, all proceeds go to a food bank to feed New York’s homeless and downtrodden.  
  • Historian and NYT best-selling author Thomas Woods takes on the Greenbackers in this essay.  I completely agree with Tom’s conclusions, though I don’t know that many Greenbackers are economically competent enough to quite understand what he is saying.  Ultimately, I think that the confusion of the Greenbackers stems from not only their economic ignorance, but also from their failure to understand the difference between a flow concept and a stock concept.
  • Robert Wenzel of Economic Policy Journal had the privilege of presenting the Henry Hazlitt Memorial Lecture at this year’s Austrian Economics Research Conference.  I must say that I was quite bored by his presentation, I was often distracted by his communicative fumbling, and I think that this gig would have been better served by having a more experience and competent speaker.  Lew Rockwell (I think) makes the decision on who speaks and he apparently likes Robert, I like Lew … it is what it is.
  • Apparently “the Kuehn” is procreating.  I’m guessing that baby Kuehn will be reared to be a drone pilot.
  • A fish with human-like teeth.  Weird.
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