The Book of Mormon

My friend Bob often likes to dedicate his blog posts to religious topics on Sundays, so I figured that I would follow suit (at least for this Sunday).

Admittedly, I am not much of a religious fellow, however I am not one of those who consistently attacks those who are religious.  To each their own, I say.

However, I have read quite an array of religious texts and many of the philosophers that I admire come from the Christian and Muslim traditions (though, the works that I enjoy weren’t dealing with primarily religious issues).  Needless to say, I am very tolerant of other people’s views on this subject, because while I don’t necessarily subscribe to them, I also know that most everybody around me does subscribe to one religious belief or another.

In any case, I recently came upon a Book of Mormon while staying in a hotel over the course of a two week cross-country road trip, and as is the case with such books that set in the nightstands of hotels, they are there for you to take (that actually is why they are there, if you didn’t know already).  I don’t often pick up books that I will not read, so I swiped that one up without much thought … let me explain.

About 6 years ago I was living in a small condo in the college town of Kent, Ohio.  When hanging out with friends I would often see a commercial from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints showing a phone number to call in order to “receive your free Book of Mormon“.  Obviously, I had heard about the magic underwear and Jesus living in the Americas and all of that, and I had seen their churches in many cities in the US and countries around the world, so I was quite intrigued.  Mind you, this intrigue has nothing to do with any sort of feeling of belief or intellectual magnetism toward such things, but rather it was an undying curiosity in knowing what it is all about (for my own reference).

Anyhow, I decided to give this number a ring, and they took down my info and promised that a book would be forthcoming.

About a week or two later I heard a knock at my door.  When I opened it I saw two 19 or 20 year old girls who were super-hot.  I don’t mean pretty, I mean smoking hot.  They told me that they were from the church and they confirmed that it was me that had shown an interest in reading this book.  However, they would not give me the book unless they were allowed to regularly enter my home on numerous occasions over time to teach me “how the book is supposed to be read”.

I must admit, given their beauty and my carnal nature, they almost talked me into it (it was a very tough decision, to be sure).  But my more logical thinking-tool luckily took precedence and I refused them.  I knew exactly what they were doing. I almost regret not seeing just how far it would go.

Needless to say, I never did receive the book that was promised by that TV ad.  However, I now have that book sitting before me, so I have no choice but to read it (it did, after all, take many years to finally get it).  I look forward to it almost like a man who’s remained abstinent until marriage, only I doubt that the payoff will be quite as pleasing.

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One Comment on “The Book of Mormon”

  1. sharon Says:

    lol enjoy the book

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