About the Blog: Terms of Use

Greetings!!! Welcome to my blog.

This blog is a display of news, commentary, economic theory, opinion, trends, music, videos and many other resources for the mental absorption by the educated consumer of information. It is by no means the final word, nor is it a definitive collection. It is merely another resource for your perusal. Feel free to comment and/or recommend other sources of information in order to more complete the thoroughness of this blog; no honest differences of opinion will be discounted.

Please be cognizant of the fact that my mere posting of particular stories or articles does not necessarily give attribution to my approval or dismissal of such works and/or commentary. I post the things that I find interesting and/or revealing. If I do happen to have a personal opinion of such, I will post it as a blocked note above the story or article in question. All original articles will be presented as such.

I leave the door wide open for the exchange of knowledge and information; one can never have too much knowledge or information. However, I will not tolerate any sources of information that are not grounded in either facts and/or sound theory. I reserve the right to censor and/or delete any comments at my own discretion. However, if at any time you find that your comments/ideas have been deleted, chances are that they can be conclusively categorized as falling under one of these limited restrictions:

  • they are of a racist and/or defamatory connotation
  • they contain derogatory and/or profane content
  • they contain spam
  • they contain any web-links that can be viewed as being a plug and/or advertisement for one’s own personal elevation
  • they are not related to the topic at hand
  • they are based upon pure emotion, rather than facts and/or logic
  • they contain material which can be seen as promoting aggression and/or violence
  • they are repetitive (i.e. multiple posts)
  • they contain names and/or information that are not deemed as “public domain” and/or “free use” information … I am personally against any and all “intellectual property”, but I am also highly allergic to prison.

I certainly hope that you enjoy your time here at ‘JoeFetz.com’, and I wish that this blog serves as an enlightening addition to your ever expanding resources of information and/or ideas that are available. I will do my very best to keep this a cordial affair, I hope that you do the same.

Joe Fetz

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