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Anything Goes

July 4, 2012

I have been thinking more about the recent Supreme Court decision and its implications for the future of liberty in this country.  Let me just say that I don’t think the future looks good.

Essentially, what I got out of the decision is that the Congress does not have the enumerated power to force you into a particular action.  However, according to the interpretation, Congress does have the power to tax.  So, while the Congress cannot force you into action, it can tax you for non-action.  Therefor, I can only conclude that the recent SCOTUS decision reads something like this:  “we cannot force you to murder your first-born child (or whatever other action we do not have the power to enforce), however we can tax you for failure to do so.”

Since there is no check upon the level of taxation that the Congress can levy, and it can now tax you for any non-action it deems fit, what limits or checks to power remain?  I say, “None”.  Apparently, we now live in a world where anything goes.