Joseph Fetz

Editor & Publisher

2 Comments on “Contact”

  1. Dyspeptic Says:

    Joseph, I read your post entitled “Why do I even try?”
    My question for you is why someone who is obviously intelligent and inquisitive would be in such a predicament in the first place? Having become familiar with your comments on Dr. Murphy’s blog and elsewhere I am surprised that you are so down and out.

    Also, given that you are living a marginal material existence, why in the world did you choose to live it in the ghetto of a shithole town like the “Mistake by the Lake”? Move out west or down south where the living is easier and more congenial for all socio-economic classes. The rapidly decaying urban rust belt region is fit only for crony capitalist hacks and ghetto mentality parasites. Surely you can do better.

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